Red Box Celebrates ‘Bangkok Restaurant Week Local Produce’

July 8

Wongnai #1 Lifestyle platform together with Ministry of Commerce and Thai Select Restaurant celebrate this year Campaign through Wongnai media as Local Produce -Bangkok Restaurant 2019. Redbox Thailand represented one of Thai Select Restaurant in Chiangmai with special deal 999 ++. Local media were invited to the Wongnai Dinner at the Redbox Restaurant as part of the “Bangkok Restaurant Week 2019 Local Produce”. Red Box uses only the best local ingredients to create a unique culinary experience. For starters; an assortment of appetizers including “Butter Prawn Salted Egg”, “Baked Thai Lotus Root with Thai Basil Pamasan Dips”, and “Thai Betel Wrap Miang Kham” to stimulate your palates. The main course features a choice of “Crown Grilled Barramundi & Scallop Coconut Galangal Brioche”, a hearty Franco-Thai twist on the beloved Tomkha OR “Smoked Duck Breast in Thai Red Curry and Lychee Dressing”, the locally grown lychee really lifts the dish up to a whole new level. To finish off, “Siam Ruby : Artisan Coconut Ice Cream with Thai Macaroons and Golden Roll Crumble”, a restaurant signature dessert not to be missed, and cleanse your palate with “The Old Town”, a refreshing non-alcoholic herbal-infused mangosteen mocktail. The usual price for this dinner is 1500 THB ++ but if you go to it is 999 THB ++. Vouchers can be bought until 31 July 2019 and redeemed at the Red Box until 11 August 2019 The Rex Box is located at Jannsaap Alley, Huay Kaew Road (between Maya Shopping Center and Hillside 4 Condo). For reservations or further info call 092-979-4542

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