Re-Opening of Shanghai Lo’ng Restaurant

January 14

Local media were invited to the re-opening of Shanghai Lo’ng Restaurant located at 28/20 Thorakhamanakom Soi 1 T. Chang Puek:close by X2 Vibe Chiang Mai Decem Hotel – open from 10am until 9pm. Menu includes Peking Duck 850 thb / Pork Leg in red sauce 350 thb / Sable Fish steamed with soy sauce 300 thb/ Tokyo Pork Ribs 200 thb (large 400 thb) / Goose legs roasted with noodles 350 thb (large 600 thb) / Fried Pig’s chitterlings 200 thb (large 300 thb) / Shrimp Fried with salt and chili 350 thb (large 500 thb) plus much more…Special: 10 people 3000thb set menu 8 dishes.- For reservations or further info 099-1356655 The owner of the restaurant also took the opportunity to inform the press of the launch of Around Builder, a construction company.

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