Re-Opening of Oh! Talay at Maya

November 26

Local media were invited to the re-opening of Oh! Talay Fresh Seafood Restaurant (after the pandemic), on the 4th floor Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center. Open weekdays 11am until 9pm / weekend 10am until 9pm. Examples from the menu: Deep Fried Scallop with Garlic 230 THB / Deep Fried Scallop with Black Peppers 230 THB /Steamed Fresh Grouper Fish with Soy Sauce (whole fish) 1350 THB / Stir Fried Grouper with Chinese Ginger, pepper and Chili 350 THB / Deep Fried Sea Bass with Garlic (whole fish) 490 THB / Sea Bass Sashimi & Boiled Grouper Fish’s Head in Plum Sauce 550 THB / Sea Bass Tom Yum (creamy soup pot) 350 THB / Deep fried Salmon with Tamarind Sauce 320 THB/ Crab in Coconut Chili Dip ( whole) 120 THB / Stir Fried Blue Swimming Crab in Yellow Curry 350 THB / White leg Shrimp in Fish Sauce 250 THB / Stir Fried Murex Shell with Celery 580 THB / Fries Rice with Kale and Salted Dried Fish (large plate) 300 THB / OH Talay Tom Yum Fried Rice (large plate) 450 THB and much more besides…

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