Rajanagarindhra Child Development Foundation Open House

June 6

Rajanagarindhra Child Development Foundation Open House   Dr. Wachara Tantranont, along with Dr. Samai Sirithongthaworn and his team of doctors and administrators held an Media Open Day at the ¬†Rajanagarindhra Child Development Foundation (RICD) on the Canal Road (The building shaped like a piano). RICD is under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Siridhorn. The aim of this Open Day was to build awareness amongst the Chiang Mai community of what is available at the RICD. Currently the foundation deals with 300 out-patients per week, 100 in-patients per week; approx 40,000 children and young adults with learning disabilities and down syndrome per year. Facilities include the new Hotel Training Centre which has 16 rooms where children get to learn how to work in the hospitality industry. There is physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, horse therapy available. Also a new school system; where teachers provide a full education, but in a way to cater for disabled children. There is a specialist autistic research centre and much more. Two swimming pools are available, indoor and outdoor. There is even a dentist on site. RCID has an extensive wheelchair program, buying new and second hand wheelchairs and upgrading them to fit an individual, then donating wheelchairs to people in the community. Many of the wheelchairs are fitted with the latest technology which are then donated to children from a poor background. On site there is an office from the ¬†Dept. of Public Health to facilitate grants and sponsorships to local people. Because RICD is a foundation it can spearhead new innovations and programs without having the long delays of a Government department, however many of which are then included in the national system.  

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