Promenada Retail (R)Evolution Press Conference

June 29

The CEO of Promenada Resort Mall, Tjeert Kwant, held a press conference at Mix Restaurant Promenada to announce the new Retail (R)Evolution; plans for the future.
Tjeert Kwant explained ‘Prom is committed to providing a second to none Lifestyle Experience Centre. At present there is Rimping and Chi Chang; both owned by innovative local retail families, as well as international brands such as Toys R Us. In addition there will be a new Dino World attraction and Education Center. Then there is Lanna Live, an interactive center in association with Chiang Mai Brands involving 200 local factories opening in the next 6 months.
Dino World is going to be 7000 sqm (inside and outside) Attraction and Education Center featuring over 100 life-sized dinosaur exhibits as well as activity space and the first ever multimedia learning center on dinosaurs and fossils in the North of Thailand.
Promenada is increasingly becoming a regional service centre; Chiang Mai Immigration Office is providing a One Stop Service for residents in the area as well as tourists and by 21 July 2016 the office space will expand to increase the number of desks and also services such as emergency service. Also the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) is to launch a 500 sqm Software Store and Co-Working Space to facilitate businessmen and start up companies in Chiang Mai’.
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