Press Lunch at Lamour Café

May 29

Press lunch at Lamour Café on the Soi 4 Wat Umong. Lamour Cafe, in a beautiful garden setting at the base of Doi Suthep, where you can get ‘food, coffee and haircut’ is open daily 10am until 8pm (except closed Wednesday). Samples of the menu include: Salmon Tom-Yum with coconut milk 280 THB / Pad Thai with Northern Sausage and Mango 180 THB / Thai omelette with scrimp 150 THB / Spicy Shrimp Chilli & Garlic 250 THB / Lamour French Toast with fruits 300 THB / Mango with Sticky Rice 150 THB / Je t’aime smoothy (pineapple, ginger and orange) 120 THB / Forever Love (melon, honey and jelly 120 THB / Coffees hot and cold from 80 THB – plus a whole lot more….. For further details or reservations call  081-818-5707 or check out their facebook page

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