Press Conference TEDxChiangMai 2018 at X2 Riverside Resort

January 10

A press conference was held at X2 Riverside Resort to announce TEDxChiangMai 2018 will take place at Le Meridien on 10 February 2018. The press conference was attended by the Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Krit Tanawanit and the U.S. Consul General to Chiang Mai Jennifer Harhigh along with the organizers and several speakers  for 2018.

TEDxChiangMai 2018 Theme is ‘Our Common Future’, it is a non-profit event organized by Martin Venzky-Stalling and TEDxChiangMai volunteers both locals and expats living in Chiang Mai. TEDxChiangMai is more than an event – it is a platform for ideas worth spreading, a dialogue, a call for action, and a community of people who believe in ideas, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Some of the speakers at this years TEDxChiangMai 2018 will be; Alex Kerr (Japanologist),Dr. Bhume Bjumiratana (Cyber security Specialist), Faithun Tantakitti (Swing Dancer), Kenneth Rimdahl (Monsoon Tea), Dr. Kirida Bhaopichitr (Director TDRI), Klee Bho (Local Musician), Kongwuth Chaiwongkachon (Local Native Food Lab), Mo Seetubtim (Happiness Planner), Nati Sang (Makespace Thailand), Oraya Sutabutr (Big Tree Project), Pakpoom Subsoontorn (Bio engineer), Parnbua Boonparn (Matichon Group), Piyasak Khiaosaard (Street Artist), Surachai Puthikullangkura (Illusion CGU Studio), Dr. Tanyanupark Anantana (Science and Technology Park).

TEDxChiangMai has been running since 2011 and has been sold out every year – there will be NO TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR – Tickets are on sale now; early bird, student and tickets for member partner organizations

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