Press conference for Old Chiang Mai

November 12

  A press conference was held to announce the rebranding of the Old Chiangmai Cultural Center to Old Chiangmai on Wualai Road. On November 20 there will be a FREE night of entertainment including 6pm Lanna Dancers, 6:30 – 9pm The Voice Concert, 7pm Sword Fighting Exhibition, 8pm Muay Thai Exhibition, 8:30 pm to midnight Muay Thai Fights. From 5:30 pm there wil also be a Thai Market, a Singha Beer Garden and Thai Textiles on show in the Exhibition Hall. This is a free entrance event, everyone welcome. Every night Old Chiangmai offers the Khantoke Dinner Theater, Muay Thai Boxing, Thai Traditional Market and much more. The General Manager Tim McGuire explained to the local media that ‘Our new name is Old Chiangmai, but our goal remains the same; to maintain and nurture traditional Thai and Lanna crafts and culture to teach, display and educate both local residents and tourists’.  

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