Physical Distancing Hat

June 30

A Back-to-School Gift from Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai   Chiang Mai – 30 June 2020, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai has prepared a wonderful present, a Physical Distancing Hat to children, who are starting schools soon. Not only the gifts, new normal precaution behaviors will be suggested to the whole family to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19.   Dr. Wikanda Tantisopharak, a Pediatrician at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, reveals the Pediatric clinic concern for children’s health, especially during the preparation period for the semester opening. Children are going to stay closely with friends, teachers need to prepare for this situation by educating the children to keep the distance between each other.   Made of paper and lightweight materials with consideration from the pediatricians, the Physical distancing hats are not harmful to children. The hats will be provided to children who see a doctor or participate in activities arranged by the hospital during the Back-to-School period. Besides, the children will be given instructions on wearing a surgical mask, not touching hands, face, nose, and mouth, washing hands frequently and washing with soap as a habit to ensure that all children are safe and far from Covid-19.

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