Pasha’s Playful Purdah at Villa Virtuosa

November 9

Dress rehearsal of Pasha’s Playful Purdah at Villa Virtuosa, two nights 10 & 11 November 2018. Have you ever wondered what life must be at a harem? It is usually not what you think it is. At Pasha’s Playful Purdah you will be offered a dazzling night of entertainment and a unique chance to get a glimpse of the secrets behind the veils. Ticket price: 400 baht. Trans-Saharan Makeover Caravan -There is no dress code. Be yourself or dress outrageously, up to you. But if you fancy a true caravan traveller transformation we can help you (price 200 baht, no reservation needed, just come early). Makeover booth and bar are open from 6.30 pm. Show starts at 8 pm. Because of limited seats we kindly ask you to buy your tickets in advance. Please contact at [email protected]

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