Re-Connecting Party by Jai Thep at SYN Hotel

December 8

Re-connecting: Pool Party by Jai Thep x Notep at SYN Hotel – Jai Thep is back and kicking off high season with an amazing collaboration with artist Art Note Panayanggool ‘Art on a Plate’ and DJ and environmental activist Notep, along with visual projections by Korakrit Arunanondchai.

“Re-Connecting…กำลังเชื่อมต่อ” is an exhibition that emphasizes the idea of restarting or resetting oneself. The work talks about looking into oneself and rediscovering oneself again, allowing oneself to appreciate one’s worth. This year is widely considered as a year that provides an opportunity for one to spend more time with oneself than in other years. Though, some might have to face challenges that destabilize their morale and energy. For this reason, controlling one’s attitude and emotions is an important skill to improve building emotional resilience towards changes that might occur in the future. The Artist Note Panayanggool a.k.a Notep (No-Tep) is an artist, musician, and conservationist based in Bangkok, Thailand who focuses on creating art and music that enriches the viewer’s spirituality and their love for nature. This year she focuses on her new project “High on your own supply” which is a platform to guide people back towards themselves and their divine nature by teaching mindfulness and appreciation of nature through modern mediums such as technology, fun events, music, art, and adventures.

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