Papayoo Grill House Press Party

October 18

Local media were invited to Papayoo Grill House; behind Three Kings (next to Hug Academy) ALL YOU CAN EAT  8am-10am Breakfast Buffet – all you can eat in 1 hour 30 minutes for 150 THB /  /3.30pm – 5.30pm Ice cream room  all you can eat for 199 THB / 6pm – 10pm Buffet Dinner.  SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR OCTOBER all you can eat for 299 THB Papayoo Grill House from 6pm until 10pm. A la carte menu includes Fish burger & fries 109 THB / Beef burger & fries 180 THB (plus 20 THB for extra bacon) / full day breakfast 150 THB plus a whole lot more on the menu.. For reservations or further info 052-001-252

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