Ori9in Sansai Open Day

December 18

Local media and other guests were invited to the Open Day of Ori9in Sansai, and grand opening of ‘A maze in Thailand’

Ori9in, San Sai , are committed to land stewardship based on sustainable, organic farming methods  and to the distribution of high quality organic products to the domestic and professional market using local manpower with a “no fuel farm policy” meaning- no man made fuels or machinery ,only skill and knowledge.

Ori9ins produce food and products through its biodynamic farm, where techniques reflect their commitment to protecting and improving the health of the local area and its inhabitants. Through the development of economic, educational, and cultural relationships, they strive to raise the social and ecological awareness of individuals regarding the production of their food and ask them to rethink the way products are grown and how we use by product.

They are here to show people there is another way, there are options on how we eat, farm and enjoy our recreation, there isn’t a need for a high carbon footprint when we can be eating locally, sustainable produced products in a creative way through retained farming, there is a way that we can embrace Agro tourism, there is a way we can leave no mark on the land we strive to protect.

Their farm has been growing items for the industry for over 5 years and it was always their intention to develop this with a farm restaurant focusing on organic, sustainable items that create an ever changing weekly menu reflecting the farm and area. Waiting for May…grocery & cafe offers a diverse look at cuisine only using what comes in from their fields.

Their products, combined with imagination create interesting dishes that showcase the items served to you in a worldly fashion that hasn’t  left a 30 km radius .

Ori9ins have created cooperatives in their community and help develop livestock farmers, fisherman and craftsmen that contribute in a sustainable manner to our menu from plates, furniture and food.

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