Opening of Working Class Portraits at House of Photography

January 8

Opening of Working Class Portraits at Chiang Mai House of Photography: Photo Exhibition by Will Langston The collection of photographs in Working Class Portraits: Chiang Mai, Thailand conveys portraits of the Chiang Mai working class in their natural working environments. The series documents a contemporary perspective of working class labourers through the use of photographic environmental portraiture. Each individual worker is framed in their usual working habitat so as to highlight the significance of blue collar labor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The artist believes in the importance of the working class in Chiang Mai. Exploration of the everyday worker leads to more appreciation. Each portrait was taken with care to demonstrate how beautiful and powerful ordinary people can be. This photographic series is a celebration of commonplace labor. The exhibition will take place at Chiang Mai House of Photography, from Friday, 8th January – Thursday, 28th January 2021.

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