Opening of the Moose Bar and Restaurant

September 1

Opening of the Moose Bar and Restaurant, located on the superhighway close to Mae Jo intersection. Open every day 6.30am until midnight
Special opening promotions- house wine buy 1 get 1 free / buy 1 signature cocktail get 1 free (cocktails start from250 thb)
The menu is both Thai and Western cuisine.
Examples of the menu
Mexican Moose (Mexican corn chips served with avocado guacamole, tomato salsa, and pork) 220thb
Savoring of the Sea ( deep fried seafood in Italian style, fritto misto, served with cherry tomatoes, pineapple and moose’s special Tatar sauce) 250 thb
Beef Massaman 290 thb
Moose In Tropical ( Grilled chicken breast salad, with mixed salad, pumpkin, paper bread, served with Italian lychee dressing) 250 thb
Pomelo in the Backyard (pomelo spicy salad served with Thai chili paste dressing and grilled prawns with wild betel leaves) 250 thb
Spicy play king pizza ( pizza in Thai styled topped with spicy prawns and fresh herb salad) 350 thb
Choice of 3 Tapas 190 thb
Tom Kha Gai 220 thb
Tom Yum Seafood 250 thb
Pasta spinach cream sauce with pork burger 290 thb
Reservations or further info 0988329777

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