Opening of PTN Seafood Chiang Mai

August 9

Opening of PTN Seafood Chiang Mai at Mai Hia Market (along the Canal Road), behind Rimping. Open every day from 8am until 7pm every day.

The latest branch, Mae Hia Market Branch by PTN Seafood Chiang Mai Limited Partnership, which operates the business of selling seafood, fresh food, frozen food, processed food, both retail and wholesale. Merchandise sold in the store, for example – frozen seafood Sun-dried seafood – Sliced ​​pork shabu, marinated pork, roasted pork with fresh milk – Western food ingredients such as olive oil, spaghetti, champignon mushrooms, canned tomatoes, oregano, thyme, paprika. Grilled eel with soy sauce, shrimp roe, sushi shrimp, stretched shrimp, frozen hamachi, scallops, Japanese rice – Snacks and snacks such as frozen croissants, french fries, nuggets, mini pops, cheese balls. Shrimp Spring Rolls Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls – Various mushrooms such as black reishi mushroom, white reishi mushroom, oringi mushroom, golden needle mushroom!!! Special promotion to celebrate the opening of a new store. Find a wide variety of products at special prices. Opening offers from 9 – 14 August 2021 For further details 094 635 1100 Facebook : PTN Seafood Chiangmai

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