Opening of Over the Cordilliera at Studio Naenna

November 26

Opening of Over the Cordilliera, presented by The Patricia Cheesman Collection at Studio Naenna. The essence of Tai culture and cosmology is encapsulated in their textiles. The fertile land on both sides of the Annamite mountains that stretch 1000 kilometers north-south between Laos and Vietnam is how to many Tai groups. Exhibiting similar motifs and structures, their textiles attest to a much older common origin. A classic design seen along the Ma River in Loas appears in Nghe An, Vietnam; a tube skirt from Xam Nuea holds the exact same ikat motif as one from Thanh Hoa. Tai women wear head cloths to prevent negative forces from entering the soft spot portal on the head. These head cloths are decorated with protective cosmic creatures and symbols that are woven into the textiles and life of the people on both sides of this formidable cordillera. Gallery Hours: Wednesday 10am – 4pm (please call first) and by appointment 053-226-042 [email protected] [email protected]

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