Opening of LS’ Kitchen

May 31

Grand Opening of LS’ Kitchen @ INBAAN SPACE, flagship store on Sirimangkalajan Soi 5, specializing in Hong Kong cuisine. LS’ Kitchen motto is “Whenever you feel homesick or tired; LS’ Kitchen’s soul-warming recipes will bring the comfort food designed to make you feel right at home”.
Examples from the menu include: All Day Breakfast such as Milk Oatmeal Set 100 THB / Satay Beef Vermicelli 110 THB / Beef & Tomato Vermicelli Set 110 THB //// Street Food such as Shrimp Wontons 130 THB / Immitation Shark Fin Soup 80 THB //// Pan Fried Dumplings Vegan, Pork or Chicken 80 THB, Peking Duck 90 THB, Three Delicious 110 THB //// Dessert Specials such as Tofu Pudding 130 THB /Glutinous Rice Ball with Ginger Soup 70 THB /Banana Split 100 THB and much more besides..
LS’ Kitchen specializes in Dumplings Hong King Style with a large variety of stuffings including Black Fungus, Napa Cabbage, Shanghai Greens, Spring Onions etc… Special Dumplings include Spicy Seafood Twins, Pelmeni etc.
LS’ Kitchen is open every day (except Tuesday) 9am until 6pm. For further details call 092-843-1954 [email protected]
There is also handcrafted food, non-cooked, with easy cooking instructions such as Hong Kong Shrimp Wonton 60 pcs 640 THB / Shanghai Mini Pork Wonton 96 pcs 440 THB / Scallion Pancake 8 pcs 180 THB / LS’ Secret Garlic Chili Paste 180 ml 130 THB
INBAAN ecolab has also been re-located to INBAAN SPACE, the community where people comes to chill and gather. There is a section devoted to home care products with many unique items (ideal as gifts). Upstairs is a private meeting room available for hire, great for yoga or dance class or private meetings.

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