Opening of Little China Restaurant Mae Rim

February 26

Opening of Little China Restaurant ‘Modern Chinese’ at Mae Rim Plaza, Mae Rim. Little China is open every day from 11am until 10pm (except closed Tuesday). For reservations call 099-293-4220

Examples from the menu include:

Little China SIGNATURE: Dim Sum Platter 220 THB

Drunken Chicken 180 THB

Radish Cake, Shanghainese Sauce 90 THB

ChangZhou Steam Buns Juicy Pork 150 THB

Steam Sea bass in Soya Sauce, Spicy Plum Pickles 170 THB (small) 340 THB (large)

Little China SIGNATURE Home Made Tofu, Seaweed / Crab meat 200 THB (small) 360 THB (large)

Stir Fry Chicken, Garlic, Ginger, Dried Chili / Sichuan Sauce 180 THB (small) 280 THB (large)

Little China SIGNATURE Crispy Chicken & Peking Duck Sauce 180 THB (small) 330 THB (large)

Canton Sweet & Sour Pork Belly / served with ManTou 200 THB (small) 360 THB (large)

Canton Sweet & Sour Pork / Lychees (HOT SELLER) 180 THB (small) 320 THB (large)

Plus much more besides….

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