Opening of Lanna Expo 2021

January 7

Opening of Lanna Expo 2021 “Eat Well, Live Well, Live the New Way” has officially opened!! at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre. Upper Northern Provinces Group 1 (Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son) collaborated with partners to hold the 9th Lanna Expo 2021 with the theme “Eat well, live well, live a new way” at the start of the new year to greet the city’s opening. In the fair, there are more than 500 booths exhibiting and selling the best products and services from the Upper North Group 1, as well as the business negotiation activities to connect entrepreneurs in the region and expanding the market base to the international level. The Fair will be held between 7-16 January 2022 at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Chiang Mai Province. Mr. Vorayan Bunarat, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai, stated that the Lanna Expo 2021 event marks the beginning of a new era of the city’s first major exhibition and product sale. It is also regarded as the start of a new normal way of life, demonstrating that the northern provinces on Upper 1 continue to have activities to stimulate the city’s economy from the foundations up to key potential entrepreneurs in the region, under the economic activity model that is consistent with the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so that the economy of the northern provinces on Upper 1 can drive again after the COVID crisis. Lanna Expo 2021 is the ninth annual event to be held, building on the success of previous fairs. The upper northern provinces 1 (Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, and Mae Hong Son) collaborated to promote the potential of entrepreneurs in the provincial group for trade and investment growth, as well as to create economic value, increase opportunities for job creation, and distribute income to the community, as well as to hold business negotiations linking entrepreneurs in the region to expand the market base to the international level. This event will take place at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Chiang Mai Province from Friday, January 7 to Sunday, January 16, 2022, from 10:00. to 20:00 (Saturday and Sunday until 21:00 a.m.). This year’s fair will be held under the theme “Eat well, live well, live in a new way.” The event is divided into booths for displaying and selling the best products in four groups and four product zones: furniture and decorative products, health and beauty products, herbs, lifestyle products, fashion and textile Souvenirs, souvenirs and food and beverage products, and processed agricultural products. Furthermore, throughout the 10-day event, there are promotional activities such as giving away sweepstakes coupons to shoppers who spend at least 1,000 baht, with a chance to win a 500-baht gift voucher that can be redeemed for cash, as well as a chance to win a grand prize of gold bars or gold jewelry, for a total of two prizes. On the final day of the event, there is also a business negotiation section designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in the New Normal era through an online business matching system where entrepreneurs can present their products to business prospects, negotiate with entrepreneurs, watch video clips, product catalogs, leave a message to schedule an appointment for trade negotiation, or negotiate trade immediately. The organizers aware that this event is being held during Covid-19, and they emphasize the importance of measures to ensure the participants’ hygiene. Therefore, the fair will strictly adhere to the COVID-19 control measures and requirements. These include installing the work of all relevant staff, taking care of the distance of the exhibition booth, various health and sanitation measures during the event, such as wearing a mask at all times in the exhibition area, screening visitors with temperature measurement, installing alcohol gel at various points throughout the fair area, maintaining cleanliness of contact surfaces in the fair area, and limiting the number of attendees so that the area is not overcrowded, in order to prevent health risks and impacts, and to instill confidence in participants throughout the event period.

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