Opening of Icebound at Weave Artisan Society

January 12

Opening of Icebound at Weave Artisan Society. An exhibition of Frozen Images created by Annelie Hendriks. The exhibition lasts from 12 – 31 January 2023. The opening will be performed by Annette Kunigagon, Honorary Irish Consul Designate. The exhibited photographs are divided into two themes: 1. Frozen Windows of Cathedrals / Frozen Food – The photo art on display is not software-generated. These are not computer creations but are created with the use of Annelie’s photo archive, a tray, a freezer, a hammer, real vegetables, printed transparencies, sunlight, or a light box. More about her exhibition and about herself can be found on her website: Weave is open every day from 9 am to Midnight Ordering the photo art (limited edition) and buying the merchandising (photobook, greeting cards) is possible between 9 am and 6 pm. You can combine a visit to this exhibition with visiting the café, the restaurant, and the bar, all located inside Weave.

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