Opening of Hylife Group Headquarters

June 7

Hylife Group celebrates the opening of its new headquarters, showing signs of growth and innovation. On June 7, 2024, Hylife Group officially celebrated the opening of its modern headquarters. Within the Hang Dong District area Chiang Mai Province This event was honored by Mr. Shubhodeep Das. Chief Executive Officer of Hylife Group of Companies and more than 500 honored guests, including the Group’s Board of Directors, employees, and business partners, both Thai and foreign, from Singapore, Korea, Australia, and India. This office move reflects Hylife’s commitment to continuous growth. Continuously and provide excellent service The evening festivities were full of wonderful atmosphere. Suitable for building relationships Guests enjoyed a traditional Lanna dance performance and the playing of the Sabat Chai drum. which showcases the rich cultural heritage of Chiang Mai. There is also a map projection. The amazing dimensions indicate the adoption of innovative ideas by the Hylife Group. In addition, a tour of the new office was arranged. There will be a guide giving a detailed explanation. This new office is a 3-story office building located at No. 63, Nong Khwai Subdistrict, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province. Importantly, this new headquarters is home to 9 affiliated companies. which has a variety of businesses in the Hylife group of companies This new office also reflects Hylife Group’s commitment to sustainability. By installing electric charging points for vehicles and car sharing projects These projects highlight the company’s commitment to creative office solutions in today’s rapidly changing business environment. About Hylife Group of Companies Wide range of expertise Drive growth Hylife Group of Companies Focusing on 3 main business areas: • Real estate: Hylife Development Company Limited, Hylife Property Development Company Limited and HA Construction Company Limited are committed to project development. High quality Covers both commercial and residential building types and other types. It has successful works such as the High Condo Tha Sala project, the High Park Hang Dong project, the Hilux Mae Rim project, and the High Town Mae Hia project. • Asset Management: Hylife Asset Company Limited, Pinnacle Asset Management Company Limited, High First Company Limited provides a variety of financial services. Covers personal loans, asset-backed loans, foreclosures, and nonperforming loan management. By focusing on maintaining the value of assets for customers as much as possible Production: Dr. Hi-Gene Medical Products Company Limited, a manufacturer of face masks. Air purifier and hygiene products under the brand “Dr. Hijeen”, while Hylife Global Foods Co., Ltd. produces “FUNCO” crisp dried fruit distributed around the world and “FRESHCO” fresh cut fruit. By emphasizing the use of advanced production technology. and sustainable growth in these business operations Creating Success: Outstanding Achievements of the Hylife Group of Companies Hylife Group is committed to excellence in every business it operates. This can be seen from the following proud works. Prestigious award Dr. Hi-Gene Medical Products Company Limited received the “Lazada TOP 9.9 Rising Star Store of 2021” award. • • The project “Hi Condo Thasala” developed by Hylife Development Company Limited has achieved great success in sales. It can be sold out within the second quarter of 2022, taking only 9 months and generating income of over 287 million baht. It also received the FIABCI – Thai Prix D’ Excellence Award for the year 2022 in the residential condominium category. Mr. Shubhodeep Das received the “CEO Thailand 2023” award from the Thai Radio and Television Journalists Association (NRCT). • • Dr. Hygein Medical Products Co., Ltd. received the “Outstanding Business and Product Award 2023” at the 10th Thailand Business Awards The “High Park Residences Hang Dong” project developed by Hylife Development Company Limited received the “Best Lifestyle Condo in Chiang Mai” award at the prestigious DOT Property Thailand Awards. Year 2023 Business expansion: Pinnacle Asset Management Co., Ltd. strengthens its asset portfolio in 2023 by purchasing non-performing loans (NPL) from Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for a value 500 million baht. In addition, the company has also expanded its network to provide additional non-performing loan services. By making an agreement with BMW and Origo (Thailand) Company Limited, which has a total asset value of more than 600 million baht. In 2023, Hylife Global Foods Company Limited achieved great success in 2023. The company joined the Winner Chapter of Business Network International (BNI) Chiang Mai group and began construction of a factory at Doi Lor, which used money. Investing a value of more than 422 million baht, Hylife Global Foods Company Limited also participated in the exhibition. THAIFEX-Anuga Asia 2023 is also the first time.

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