Opening of Go Wholesale at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport

November 22

Opening of Go Wholesale at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport.
“GO Wholesale” pins second branch in Thailand and first in “Chiang Mai”, confident that purchasing power will be strong. Promoting wholesale centers for entrepreneurs Wake up soft power food Stimulating the economy during the high season 22 November 2023 – GO Wholesale (Go Wholesale) food wholesale center for entrepreneurs. Under the operation of Central Food Wholesale Company Limited, a subsidiary of Central Retail, opening a branch in Chiang Mai as planned. Dok Taem is a new choice. Different with a sales area of 8,000 square meters and an army of more than 20,000 products, supporting entrepreneurs to expand their business ideas. Soft Power Food Power Point Welcome to the high season of tourism. Purchasing power is on the rise. It was honored by Mr. Nirat Phongsitthaworn. Governor of Chiang Mai Province presiding over the ceremony Mrs. Suchada Itthijarukul, Chief Executive Officer Business groups in Thailand and abroad in the Central Retail Group said that after creating a phenomenon with the opening of GO Wholesale Srinakarin branch at the end of October last year. Received good response from Food business operators, grocery stores, which are our target group. It also has good support. from suppliers business partners It is interesting that products and services come together to create a new experience for customers. Until the number of members has rapidly grown to more than 30,000 members in a short time. Recently, GO Wholesale has opened a second branch in Chiang Mai Province. according to the goals set and open for service from November 22 onwards
For Chiang Mai It is a potential location with high economic growth. Including a large number of both Thai and foreign tourists arriving. Until the Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai Office It is expected that the total income for the whole year will be as high as It is expected to generate a total of 80,000 million baht in income, especially at the end of the year which is the high season. This will have a positive impact on the business sector in the area, especially the food business and small retail stores. There are a large number of “We want to offer new options to entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai and the northern region. There are a variety of sources for purchasing products and raw materials. To spark ideas for expanding your business to have income and sustainable growth. Especially the food business which is one of the industries that has been promoted and is in the soft power trend That will help drive the economy and create enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs.” Drafts Not only that, GO Wholesale is also a food wholesale center that creates new options. and create opportunities for local product producers such as Jartisann, a famous cheese brand that is currently being talked about in the cheese industry, produced by Thai people in the Chiang Mai area. which has a unique flavor, “red tilapia” or ruby fish Productivity in the Smart Farm classroom of students of the Faculty of Fisheries Technology and Aquatic Resources Maejo University at GO Wholesale buys and sells at branches. Expand the learning and process of doing sustainable fishing business
In addition, GO Wholesale is also a source of new experiences for entrepreneurs that stand out with various elements such as A large source of fresh food, as if the sea and vegetable or fruit gardens were brought here.
Product cutting service according to needs at the meat and seafood (fish) department. WHOLES There is a queue system to notify. When completed Dry Age beef knot service enhances the flavor and makes the meat richer. You can buy it and leave it for curing for the desired period of time. Bakery baked fresh from the oven every day. One of the most complete frozen food sources in Thailand. A center of ingredients that are famous SME products from all areas throughout Thailand, such as curry pastes from 4 regions, Koson chili sauce from Chonburi province, Kwang Dao Thong brand soy sauce. Suphan Buri Province or Oyster Sauce, Golden Spoon Brand, Sea Bird, and Double Golden Crane. which is well known among a la carte restaurant operators ‘Beverage Solution, a consulting corner for those who want to start and expand. or develop a business related to beverages With ideas and inspiration With service from baristas who design and offer new drink menus. Products related to the delivery business Online business, bundled together like ‘all in one place’ such as environmentally friendly food packaging Corrugated boxes of various sizes, adhesive tape, stickers for attaching to boxes. Sem Drafts Business Consulting Center (Business Center) strengthens business growth with the concept of ‘rent, supplement, add convenience, including renting kitchen equipment. Reduce investment problems and increase cash flow. Additional cleaning services Including installation and repair services for electrical appliances. Add logo design services to Sabai I packaging. Spam Trash By ordering large electrical appliances or kitchen equipment ▷ Categories “Workshop room” is a source of knowledge from experts in various fields. & Social that rotate and transfer to entrepreneurs to develop professional skills
The goal is to build a strong brand and enter the hearts of all target groups and entrepreneurs. We are committed to helping drive the food business. Grocery stores have the opportunity to grow steadily and sustainably in every area. We are still working according to the plan to expand branches to cover the entire country by 2028,” Mrs. Sucha GO Wholesale Chiang Mai branch is located behind Central Chiang Mai Airport. It has over 8,000 square meters of space, complete with over 20,000 products. Open for service from November 22 onwards. It is open every day from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. for new members. You will receive a discount coupon worth 2,0 (conditions as specified by the company) along with many other promotions and benefits. You can follow more details for other activities and promotions at or social media channels at Facebook GO Wholesale, Line application @gowholesale or scan QR Code to receive news and benefits first.”

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