Opening of Fall at Jing Jai Gallery

March 1

Opening of Fall at Jing Jai Gallery – a solo exhibition by Nipan Oranniwesna, on display from 1 March until 2 June 2024.
Over the past 30 years, Niphan Olanniwesna has created works of art in a variety of styles. Special features of his selection of materials and artistic language that is inserted into the process of his work, techniques that have no limits, a way of life that runs parallel to the historical, social, and political stories of a normal person has thus been expanded. It is the structure of human relationships that sometimes takes the form of maps, photographs, news, history. or memory Regarding the duration of the event Different time, different agenda Something far from sight Some things are closer to thought. The lifeline of almost every human being runs parallel to the traces of history.

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