Opening of Extended La Luna Gallery

July 6

Soft Opening of the extended La Luna Gallery & Co. The complex consists now of the La Luna Gallery, a contemporary art museum ‘Art Connecting’ and a multi-functional space by River Deli.
Sabine Zimpfer, owner of La Luna explained to invited guests “For many months we have been working on an “extreme make-over” of additional property to expand our vision for La Luna Gallery. We are now ready to share it with all of you! First of all, contemporary art museum “Art Connecting” is established with the objectives to promote, support and integrate the creations of folk art and crafts work with contemporary lacquer artwork from all over the world. We have three floors, with each floor showcasing a distinct display 1st Floor Trinh Tuan, Dinh Quan, Cong Kim Hoa who excel in creating contemporary lacquered artwork. The artwork will be underlined with the music composed and played by Trinh Nhat Anh, the daughter of Tuan and Hoa. 2nd Floor Explore the allure of antique lacquer ware originating from Lanna Kingdom, Siam and Burmese. 3rd Floor Discover the rich history of lacquer craftwork, the lacquer tree, and the essential components of lacquer work. Curated by Arjarn Phumrapee Kongrit. For museum operation hours we will operate from 8 July – 6 October 2023 every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 -17.00 hrs. // La Luna Gallery: Currently, we have art exhibitions from two artist groups spread across two floors. Our rotating exhibitions will be staged at the La Luna Gallery for 3 months from 7 July to 6 October 2023. We open every day from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs. On the 1st Floor, there is an art exhibition representing Chiang Mai city from artist perception by a group of three artists. Exhibition named “Impressive Chiang Mai”. 1. Arissara Kruewan whose arts are profoundly influenced by the enchanting environment and atmosphere of Chiang Mai City. 2. SiripornKhuenmamuang Thecreationofsculpturesthroughbamboo weaving portraying narrative and emotions of joyful memories associated with rural community lifestyles. 3. Noppaklao Srimatyakum skillfully showcased the essence of Lanna culture through the basketry, with great pride. On the 2nd Floor features an art exhibition by Old Boi, a group of six artists. 1. Abby RathRuangaram depicted his lively daily life through his art. 2. DEJADejaJueng engages with the audience through the Kampai collection. 3. Gugggar Alongkorn Sa-nguansuk creates artwork inspired by the joys of childhood. 4. BKKBROS.Kritsada Tuntitemit presents art in a distinctive Pixel style. 5. POPTODAY Sumitr Seemalee showcases his Teddy bits collection, consisting of a total of 200 teddy bears. 6. Kaze Studio Kosol Kajeekarilas with love in Game, Cartoon, and Animation made a big bold decision by opening his own character design “Kaze Studio” Curated by Vararat Kongjit. Last but not least River Deli, the multi-functional space. We aim to create this relaxing ambience where visitors meet artisan, hold workshops and have Deli food and drinks. For tonight’s event, we are proudly presenting the showcase lacquered art work environment. On the upper deck, we have a display of Karen’s folk life tableware, providing a glimpse into their Vibrant cultural heritage”

For further info call 085-695-0047 or email [email protected]

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