Opening of Chiang Mai Food Festival at Old Chiangmai

January 27

Opening of Chiang Mai Food Festival at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center on Wualai Road, this weekend 27 & 28 January 2024. The 2 days festival also includes Crossroads Chef’s Table both evenings…
January 27/28 Chiang Mai Food Festival at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center – A Zone: “Kongkid Tour” Chiang Mai Small Soi Savory Tour (3 hours) with Electric Tram / B Zone: Northern Thai Food and Thai Food / C Zone: FAB FOOD FROM EXPAT Food displays by groups of foreigners living in Chiang Mai through the collaboration of various consulates./ D Zone: Ethnic Food Invite various communities in Chiang Mai to exhibit their food cultures, as well as sell tour packages to visit the communities. The communities are: Luang Neua Community- Tai Lue,Pa Tan Community – Tai Yong, Ontai Community – Tai Yon / E Zone: Food Education and Innovations – Display knowledge about food and innovation by the Faculty of Engineering and Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University / F Zone Chiang Mai Green Kitchen / G Zone: Workshops Short courses that provide knowledge about food, divided into two parts: 1. Artisan Workshop 2. Food Solution Workshops / H Zone: Artisan Food Market Timing: 10.00 – 22.00 Follow Us for more information Facebook: Chiang Mai Food Festival IG: @chiangmaifoodfest: Email: [email protected]
January 27/28 Crossroads Chef’s Table at Old Chiangmai Cultural Centre -6pm – 9pm – Crossroads Cuisine narrates the stories of food that the people of Suvarnabhumi area adopted, adapted, and changed through time. Chefs Goo Goo from Myanmar and Chef Nan (Rinmeth Thaisuchat) of Thailand will tell this story through seven dishes each or fourteen bites. Two chefs from different neighbouring countries will take you on a journey through time to a time of international trade via land and water routes. The exchange of goods resulted in new cultures, ingredients, and cooking techniques. And similar wisdom of food is born, differing only in minor details. Highlights – Menu that inspired by Mon Ceviche and Laab Pla Fun Som or Laab Pla Doi Tao that uses body temperature and acid from lime to treat fish meat. – Origins and different interpretations of Hung Lay Curry, for Myanmar, more oil means longer lasting and sign of prosperity, where as Northern Thai people’s Hang Lay Curry, using premium meat and more spices making it look more exclusive. – Unique handmade tableware from the Muang Kung community. From the skills of a community of potters with roots in Mueang Pu, Mueang Sat, and Kyiang Tung. These tableware will be made specifically for this event; you can purchase the tableware set that you dined with as souvenirs. Location : Saw-Hong 130 years Heritage House, Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center Ticket: 3,500 THB / Person Online Reservation At (With payment fee) Or Fill the form and transfer payment for reservation
(Thai Bank Account required)Call for reservation : 086 1931479 or 095 1450296

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