Opening of Chiang Mai Design Week 2021

December 4

Opening of Chiang Mai Design Week 2021 at Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre. Chiang Mai Design Week is held across the city and beyond, between 4 – 12 December 2021. Chiang Mai Design Week 2021 Highlights 1. Designing Daily Craft by RatheePhaisanchotsiri This exhibition will feature local handicraft products from Chiang Mai which have been reinvented or elevated into products which still pay homage to their traditional past. 2. Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival 2021 Under the concept of, ‘Music in the Metaverse’, this festival will feature exclusive creative artists from Moment’s Notice Jazz Club, The Mellowship, ThaPae East and The North Gate Jazz Co-op. 3. Thai Coffee Exhibition 2021 by Friends Trade A space for coffee lovers to come and support the entire coffee industry chain. At the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre. 4. Chang Moi Creative District Tour by Tamarind Village Chiang Mai Visit the fascinating and centuries-old Chang Moi community and follow well-trodden footsteps of the people who have lived in this community for generations who are currently reviving it for a bright future. 5. LABBFest. By Minimal Studio A space for creative experimentation and expression featuring both works of music showcases and visual arts by Chiang Mai artists. At the Old Kasikorn Bank on Rachawongse Road. 6. POP Market A pop-up market featuring over 60 brands of creative and design products from the north, featuring handicrafts, handmade products, lifestyle goods, home décor, accessories as well as food and drinks. A fun market which also encompasses a network of multiple local markets. At the Folk Arts Museum. 7. Sound Connect 2021 by Everlong Music connects artists and communities in this special musical event featuring Suthep Band, Youth Yolapa (a Thai indie pop band) and Common People Like You. 8. Pap-Pap Market by CEA x Cloud-floor An experimental pilot project between CEA Chiang Mai and Cloud-floor. A local mobile convenience store invites the public to join it as it meanders through the tiny sois of the Chang Moi community with the aim of designing the mechanisms for similar mobile services to enter communities in order to offer access to food, health and mental services, especially amongst the elderly and vulnerable. 9. Chang Moi Art Village by Navin Rawanchaikul A project to inspire creativity in both professionals and amateur artists and creators. Art works of multiple mediums will be featured and scattered throughout the community. 10. Homecoming: From knowledge of our grandparents by Coth Studio An exhibition to revive and pass on crafts knowledge and skills from one generation to the next featuring works of designers and those who have joined the workshop as they successfully draw upon and transform skills pass down into modern products which are competitive in the current market. The exhibition aims to reflect upon the thought process and inspiration of both the younger and older generations. 11. COMMON + SENSES by Kasetsart University This interactive exhibition will invite you to find answers through the five senses: form, taste, smell, sound and touch in the form of interactive exhibitions, creating new experiences and insights through design, technology and scientific research. To be able to spark and be a role model or pilot experience in applying touch in services or businesses to enhance the value and value of creative businesses. At Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre. All participants and visitors are asked to comply with all Covid-19 regulations as set by the Public Health Office. See you all at Chiang Mai Design Week 2021 between 4th-12th December 2021 at Three Kings Monument, Lam Chang, Wat Gate, Chang Moi communities as well as Sankampaeng District and many other locations across the city. Visit and Facebook: Chiang Mai Design Week for more information. #CMDW2021 #chiangmaidesignweek2021

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