Opening of Arno’s Chiang Mai

September 28

Local media were invited to the opening of Arno’s Chiang Mai on Ratchapakhinai Road in the Old City.
 Arno’s Butcher & Eatery and Arno’s Burgers in Bangkok has got a reputation to have the best meat at the best prices, and Arno’s Chiang Mai will offer the same quality of dry aged beef and well known burgers. As in their flagship there will be a selection of beers and wines available to accompany your meal.
There is a lunch set menu with includes soft drink and side dish (most of the burgers are 150gr. instead of the usual 200gr.)
Samples off the menu;
Traditional New York Style Burger – 200gr. dry aged beef, bacon, caramelized onions. tomatoes and lettuce 220thb
Steak a Cheval – bun less 200gr. ground dry aged beef topped with sunny side up egg and caramelized onions 190thb
Philadelphia Steak – Thin slice dry aged beef, confit onion. greed and red bell peppers with sharp American cheese 220thb
Lamb Moroccan Hot Spices – 200gr. ground lamb marinated with spices, lettuce and tomatoes 350thb
Hot Dog Chicago Style – 100% pork hot dog, diced tomatoes, ketchup and mustard 170thb

  From Sunday 1 October Arno’s will be open 11am until 11pm (today Friday and tomorrow, Saturday they are open 5pm until 11pm)

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