Opening of A Cosmic World at SYN Gallery

September 30

Grand Opening of A Cosmic World – A Kinetic Universe of Light at SYN Gallery, main Artist: Konranit Phuangpasee Invited Artist: Rungsak Dokbua and Teppong Hongsrimuang.
The relationship between the highs and the depths, the light and the shadow, has always haunted the history of the arts. From the Egyptian cosmic light line to the classical mythical light-line to the modernist light line, Art was always designed upon different lines of light and their shadows. . For the contemporary intellect, on the other hand, the division of light and shadow are the key elements of constructing and analyzing the world and its images. For the contemporary science and art, the whole world is made out of images; images of matter that constantly move inside the luminosity of light. A cinematic image of movement and time. And within this system of movement matter light and memory, perception appears as the product of elementary composition of light and matter. The whole universe of perception is formed from these elementary entities. Entities that compete and define each other in a constant movement of change. . A universal formula of: Image = Movement =Matter = Light. This is a formula where every image of matter is a ‘light-image’. A Sculptural [material] image of light and its shadows, that has its own rhythms and movements in time.
The exhibition is on display until 28 February 2023

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