Opening Night of THE CAVE at SF Maya

November 21

Opening Night of THE CAVE at SF Maya, a film by (written & directed) Tom Waller – story by Don Linder, Tom Waller and Katrina Grose -Based on true events. THE CAVE tells the untold story of the rescue that captivated the world, from the point of view of the unsung heroes in the Tham Luang mission to free the trapped 13 ‘Wild Boars’, culminating in a triumphant outcome against all the odds.. Both Tom Waller and Don Linder are ‘Chiang Mai People’. Many of the characters were played by themselves including Jim Warny, Erik Brown, Tan Xiaolong Mikko Paasi, and others…. Runtime: 104mins Languages: English/Thai/Chinese…The film is being shown around town at all major cinemas.

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