Opening of European Film Festival 2016

July 8

Opening of European Film Festival 2016 at SFX Cinema Maya Lifestyle Mall. All tickets for all films are 80THB July 9 2pm Baby(a)lone. 90mins (Luxembourg) / 4pm The People VS Fritz Bauer. 105mins (Germany) / 6pm Truman. 108 mins (Spain)// July 10 2pm The Sunfish. 100mins (Denmark) /4pm Family Film. 95mins (Czech Republic)/ 6pm Victoria. 138 mins (Germany)// July 11 6pm The Fencer. 93 mins (Finland). // July 12 6pm The Sweet Escape 105mins (France)//July 13 6pm Standing Tall. 120 mins (France)//July 14 6pm The Wolf’s Lair. 102 mins (Portugal). July 15 6pm The Broken Circle Breakdown. 111 mins (Belgium).//July 16 2pm Finn. 90 mins (Netherlands)/ 4pm Jack Strong. 128 mins (Poland) / 6.30pm Afterlife. 93 mins (Hungry)//July 17 4pm Silent Heart 97 mins (Denmark) / 6pm Bikes VS Cars. 90 mins (Sweden) Tickets can be purchased at the cinemas’ Box Offices or on-line

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