Opening of ASEAN Film Festival at Maya Mall

May 13

Opening of ASEAN Film Festival at SFX Cinema,  Maya Lifestyle Mall.

The festival is from 13 May – 19 May 2016 FREE ADMISSION, customers are advised to get their tickets 30 minutes before the film starts.
May 14 at 4.30pm 3688 from Singapore lasts 100 minutes
May 14 at 6,30pm A Copy of The Mind from Indonesia lasts 116 minutes
May 15 at 4.30pm Above it All from Laos lasts 90 minutes
May 15 at 6.30pm Day and NIght from Malaysia lasts 93 minutes
May 16 at 5.00pm Kayan Beauties from Myanmar lasts 92 minutes
May 16 at 7.00pm Bitcoin Heist from Vietnam lasts 115 minutes
May 17 at 5.30pm The Songs of Rice from Thailand lasts 75 minutes
May 18 at 5.30pm Yasmine from Brunei Darussalam lasts 109 minutes
May 19 at 5.30pm 3.50 from Cambodia lasts 107 minutes

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