Northern Street Food Festival at Anantara Resort

January 8

Local media were invited to a press conference for the Northern Street Food Festival at The Service 1921. Anantara Resort. Chef Pisit Jinopong AKA Chef Juno Executive Chef Anantara Golden Triangle will host the festival from 9 January until 11 January 2020 at The Service 1921. The menu includes Yum Kon Muang: local traditional street salad of young jackfruits, pork crackling, grilled eggplant with spices and jelly pork curry. 225 THB Saa Jin: blended northern spices and local whiskey marinade on thinkly-sliced local tenderloin, accompanied with farm-grown herbs and edible flowers. 299 THB Yun Pla Salad: sour local mango tossed in sweet and sour sauce, accompanied with crispy gourami fish. 288 THB Laap Pla Jiang Hai: famous Chiang Rai fish dish of minced local tilapia salad with spices, crispy local herbs and Shan chili. 288 THB Yum Jin Gai Muang: double-boiled local chicken broth with smoked banana blossom in blended spices and herbs. 250 THB Gaeng Som Pak Pank Pla Duk Yang: Lanna spinach in local sour soup flavoured with kaffir zest and grilled smoked catfish. 250 THB Gaeng Dok Salae: northern Thai soup with unopened local flower buds and crispy pork belly. 250 THB Gaeng Oam Nuea: braised beef brisket in local spices, bone marrow crust and sautéed Chiang Mai mushrooms. 320 THB Ab Pla: local ruby fish marinated in local spices and cooked in turmeric, roasted local vegetables and Perilla seed fried rice. 350 THB Jin Som Phak Khai Song Si: wok sour pork with salted eggs, preserved eggs, Burmese garlic pickle and fresh garlic chive 285 THB Gaeng Khae Gai: organic chicken breast in red curry paste with spicy herb curry, local vegetables, cha-om leaves (Acacia Pennata) and wok-fried wild rice in green chili paste. 350 THB Khao Tom Kuy: local rice congee with traditional condiments. Spicy salted egg salad / crispy local fish / seasonal Chinese sausage / fried minced pork with black olives / wok-fried kale. 258 THB Hoy Lai Phad Numb Prik Paow: stir-fried local clams in roasted chili paste and sweet basil leaves. 320 THB Kanom Jean Nam Ngiao: local rice noodle soup in pork gravy and condiments. 250 THB For more information and reservation, please call +66 (0) 53 253 333, or Email:  [email protected]

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