New Year Movie Nights at Horizon Village Resort

December 29

First Day of New Year Movie Nights at Horizon Village Resort: 29 – 31 December 2021. Welcome everyone to sit and watch movies in the middle of the plot, taste food, popcorn, sweets, papaya salad. There are also activities such as throw balloons & win a doll. Lucky droll throw rings to win prizes in a crunchy way. Before the start of the event, everyone can walk around to explore the garden and take chic photos. Show time: 18.00-20.00/20.00-22.00 Entry details: Special for customers who stay the night of 29-31 Dec., get instant movie tickets and park tickets. For customers who do not stay: movie tickets for adults 99 baht children 50 baht, can buy food at the event. Garden admission ticket: adults 86 baht, children 43 baht. Open for service from: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Contact for inquiries: 053 292 381 / 098 9835896

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