New Sunbliss Superfood Smoothie Bar

August 28

Local media were invited to the new Sunbliss opens superfood smoothie bar (for all health and taste lovers!) on Rachapakhinai Road in the Old City. Open 9am until 6pm daily except closed Monday.
Superfoods are all the rage these days, as more and more people become increasingly aware of the benefits of healthy living. Infused with exceptional nutritional benefits, superfoods are nature’s most bountiful offerings in terms of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants..while having the added benefit of being low in calories. When consumed on a regular basis, superfoods have proven
to be of great benefit, both physically and mentally, to the body.

Sunbliss, a company based in both the United States and Chiang Mai, has scoured the world and sourced eight incredible superfoods – four from India and four from South America – which they will be featuring in a variety of products which you can purchase or pop in to try right here in the heart of Chiang Mai city:

From South America – Acai (antioxidants, immunity, brain function), Maqui (antioxidants,anti-inflammatory, blood health), Maca (energy, mood, libido and Camu Camu (immunity, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants)

From India – Morninga (antioxidants, immunity, blood health), Triphala (detox, cleansing, blood/liver support, anti-inflammatory), Amla (vital organs, hair/skin/eyes, digestive balance and Ashwagandha (calming, blood health and immunity).

Rich in all the good vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which benefit the brain and entire body, Sunbliss’s superfoods are featured for you to try out at their spanking new smoothie bar.
Sunbliss’s first smoothie bar in Thailand will be opening in the old city of Chiang Mai, set in front of Malee Hotel on Rachapakhinai Road on the 29th of August 2023, initially featuring a fascinating menu of smoothies. There will be a full all day breakfast menu to follow in the coming months, but for now, you can pop in and try out some uber healthy smoothies which use the Sunbliss products, or just go straight to the shelves and buy your own superfood products. Taste almond and cashew milk, maqui berries smoothie, organic and natural flavoured yoghurt served with organic honey from a Chiang Rai forest, moringa shots, organic coconut yoghurts and other delicious healthy injections designed by a team of experts which include; Manager Nukun John, Executive Chef Atchara Chang and Chef Natthachai Phalee.

All Sunbliss menu items are gluten free and contain no preservatives, using freeze dried technology to extract the highest nutrients from each superfood designed to enter the body with maximum effectiveness. All products have attained NON-GMO USDA Organic certifications. Simply mix your superfood product with water and a spoonful of honey and you too can replicate some of Sunbliss’s delicious and healthy smoothies. Pop in for a taste, a peruse of the products and a chat to learn more about Sunbliss’s mission to introduce these four superfoods to Thailand.
Email : [email protected] or call 065 495 5652

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