New Signature Dishes at Le Meridien

July 14

Local media were invited to sample the new Signature Dishes from 5 Chefs at Favola Le Meridien. Due to the current Covid19 restrictions Favola is now open daily, from 06:00 – 23:00 hrs. (available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), featuring an extensive international menu plus some of the Thai favourites from Latest Recipe. The new signature dishes are listed below: Red wine braised Beef Roulades (เนื้อวัวอบสไตล์เยอรมัน) 390 THB Stuffed with bacon, gherkin and onion, served with root vegetables and mashed potato *Signature dish by Chef David   Mushroom Risotto (รีซอตโต้เห็ด) 310 THB Creamy Arborio rice with mixed mushroom, truffle butter, white wine and Parmigiano Reggiano *Signature dish by Chef Enrico   Lasagna al Forno(ลาซานญ่าหมู) 390 THB Oven baked lasagna layered with béchamel sauce,Bolognese sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano *Signature dish by Chef Enrico   Favola Pizza (ฟาโวล่าพิซซ่า)  M 300 THB           L 400 THB Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham,and topped with rocket salad   Kua Aom Gai(คั่วอ่อมไก่)  180 THB Stir fried chicken with spicy Lanna curry paste, served with steamed rice *Signature dish by Chef Kritphan   GoongThord Nam Makham(กุ้งทอดน้ำมะขาม) 320 THB Crispy fried shrimps with tamarind sauce and crispy shallots, served with steamed rice *Signature dish by Chef Ake   Favola Tiramisu(ฟาโวล่าทีรามิซุ) 190 THB Our signature Tiramisu with mascarpone,three spirits and Illy espresso *Signature dish by Chef Sutee   Pineapple and Cream Cheese Crumble (ครัมเบิ้ลสับปะรดและครีมชีส) 190 THB Crumble cake with cream cheese and Phuket pineapple compote layers *Signature dish by Chef Sutee For more information or reservations, please call +66 53 253 299 or email [email protected]

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