New Chinese Menu at The Service 1921 Restaurant, Anantara Resort.

June 15

General Manager Syahreza Ishwara welcomed local media to sample the new Chinese Menu created by Huang Jinghun Executive Chinese Chef at The Service 1921 Restaurant and Bar, Anantara Resort. Granite, the Assistant Manager of the restaurant gave a very detailed explanation of each new dish. The new menu compliments the Thai, Vietnamese and Indian dishes already available to diners at the restaurant. Hong Kong Deep Fried Seafood (Pluck your deep sea mission from a choice of shrimp or crab. Let our culinary agents crush it with a garlic comrade, to be deep fried Hong Kong style). Wagyu Beef in Chinese Teriyaki (Tender Australian Wagyu beef stir-fried in an Asian spy squad of king oyster mushroom shoot and Chinese teriyaki sauce). Stir-Fried Pork with Sweet Chestnut (Char Siu sauce paste covered mission impossible pork and chestnut taste very nice). Sichuan Hot& Spicy Beef Jerky (Beef jerky taste a little bit hard. Spicy and hot female agent. Can do less spicy. Cannot do non spicy. Good for all the wines). Sichuan Poached Abalone (A simple masquerade of abalone, poached secretly, then stashed with green spring onion and Sichuan peppercorn dressing). Braised Tofu with Snow Crab Sauce (Used egg tofu light deep fried with James Bond bronze. Non spicy food. Not gluten free food. Sauce is crab meat. Taste very delicious). Xo Sauce Sauteed Shrimp (A land and sea interrogation, with a tasty twist. Shrimp is sautéed in xo sauce with celery and ginkgo seeds). Aromatic Preserved Relish Peel (It is preserved Chinese food. Used light soy sauce and rock sugar, Chinese vinegar attack, Garlic marinade, sesame oil covered crispy radish peel was perfect). Marinated Fragrant Blueberry Jam, Lotus Root Filling with Sticky Rice (Lotus filled stick rice taste very sticky. Covered with blueberry jam M16 gun). Sichuan Seafood Hot & Sour Soup (Classic Szechuan cuisine with Asian style quite different with secret recipe). Beef Brisket Soup (Juicy pieces of beef brisket, simmered in a soup of tomato, potato and onion). Sweet &Sour Pork Spare Ribs (Taste sweet and sour similar like secret cherry. Used Chinese vinegar and rock sugar made it and put some sesame seeds for decorate). Gold Medal Deep Fried Garlic Flower Pork Spare Ribs (Deep fried food, very crispy and very strong garlic flavour shooting). Stir-Fried River Shrimps with Xi Hu Long Jing Tea (Taste tender and juicy. Color brightly. It is very refresh taste belong to Hangzhou secret agent food. Tea from China). Sichuan Poached Chicken Dipping In Spicy Chili Soup (Szechuan classic food. Spicy and numb. Cannot do non spicy agent. Can do less spicy. Taste oily and strong). For reservations or further info call 053-253-333 or [email protected]

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