New Baan Ta Lounge & Lawn, Raya Heritage.

May 3

Local media were invited to a thank you party and to introduce a new face lift of Baan Ta Lounge & Lawn, Raya Heritage.
The new aircon lounge overlooking the Ping River features an extensive menu – examples include
Blissful bites such as; Khrua Song Almond: almond croissant with almond cream filling 140THB
Khrua Song Maphrao: coconut croissant with coconut cream filling 140 THB
Pastry Delights such as; Cake Ueang Mai Na: Indian head ginger cake with mixed seasonal fruits 190 THB
Cake Khae-Rot: spiced carrot cake coated with cream cheese 200 THB
Little Bite such as; Punjabi Chicken: grilled marinated chicken Punjabi style with ginger-garlic, fresh coriander leaves, chili yogurt and tamarind sauce 280 THB
Beef Ponzu; grilled marinated beef rib-eye skewer’s leeks ponzu sauce 330 THB
Vegetable Tempura: Enoki mushrooms, avocado, pumpkin, onion shoyu sauce 250 THB
Classic coffee: espresso 180 THB / Americano 200 THB / Iced Coffee 210 THB
Organic Forest Drip Coffee: Huay Kai / Khun Lao / ROM Yen 200 THB
Chilled juice 160 THB
Signature mocktails such as; Jang Yay: mint leaves, sugar cane juice, lime juice and soda water 190 THB
Gingerito: fresh ginger, lime juice, brown sugar and ginger ale 190 THB
Makam: Tamarind juice, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, passion fruit and soda water 190 THB
Classic cocktails such as; Daiquiri: white rum, lime juice and syrup 320THB
Negroni: Gin, sweet vermouth, Campari 390 THB
Much more besides – CHECK OUT

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