Musical Evening 74th Indian Republic Day

January 29

Consulate of India in Chinag Mai hosted a grand musical evening as part of its 74th Republic Day celebrations with superb performances by Chiang Mai based Indian singers representing diverse languages and culture of India. While a group of ten artists from Nagaland sang songs in Hindi and English, Parth Patel accompanied by instrumentalists Sailesh Doshi and Vinimay Kaul rendered patriotic songs in Hindi and a folk song in Gujarati. The three also came up with a new composition of a Hindi poem written and sung by Shyam Arora. Pola Majumdar Nair’s impromptu singing in Bengali was well received as well. Accha Authentic Indian Restaurant and Chai N Thai @ Nimman served delicacies from different parts of India ranging from Arunachal Pradesh to Jammu & Kashmir.

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