MICE Data Conference at Intercontinental Hotel

January 23

MICE Data Conference at Intercontinental Hotel Chiang Mai The Mae Ping.
Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, develops data collection of international MICE conferences to enhance competitiveness in the global MICE industry. Tourism and MICE Industry Research and Development Unit (TMU), Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Arts Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (MT Lanna) together with the International Convention Promotion Department, Convention and Exhibition Promotion Office or TCEB. Has developed a data collection system for international conferences held in Thailand. to be screened for consideration by the International Conference Association (International Congress & Convention Association – ICCA) in ranking international conference mail destinations or ICCA Rankin, which is an operation Under the project to develop a mechanism for storing and reporting international conference data of MICE Cities into International Convention Promotion Association (ICCA), which the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB) Designated as an important project to drive the achievement of national strategic goals for fiscal year 2023 by the TMY Unit, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, together with TCEB. Has developed the Thailand Top Convention (TTC) website https://thailandtopconvention.com/th/home
To be used as a database for organizing international conferences in the country. In addition to reporting the results to ICCA, the information will also be beneficial to academics. Researchers or agencies involved in industrial development Meetings can be put to good use. By developing the TTC platform for entrepreneurs Meeting venues such as convention centers, hotels, resorts can fill in meeting organizing information. International according to the criteria of ICCA Rankings, such as the name of the conference Area or city where the event is held Number of attendees event locations, etc. Such information will be filtered into a compilation and sent to the ICCA association on a regular basis in order to increase the ranking of MICE cities and countries. Thailand in the ranking of cities and countries that are destinations for international conferences, ICCA Rankings 2023. The report on the results of the ICCA Rankings 2022 found that when compared to countries in the region Asia Pacific then Thailand It is the seventh international conference destination out of 18 countries with 81 international conference events. As for MICE cities, Bangkok is number 4, Chiang Mai is number 28, Phuket is number 35 and Pattaya is number 46 out of 67 cities. If MICE Cities and Thailand were ranked higher in the ICCA Rankings, 2023 will It increases the competitiveness in the global MICE industry. should lead to driving the economy and Generating huge amounts of money in high-value markets, however, the ranking is based on delivery worthiness. Information on the number of international conferences held in the city. The main goal of this project is Developing a mechanism for storing and reporting information from the Thailand Top Convention (TTC) international conference. Successful results from operations include: 1) Workshops to build understanding with government agencies. Sector associations and entrepreneurs, totaling 60 people 2) Organizing training on the topic “Development of personnel in organizing professional meetings to drive Chiang Mai as a city” International Convention (Chiang Mai City of Conventions)” for 100 students and personnel. 3) Final Project of 6 MICE students. 4) 3 students graduated with a bachelor’s degree. 5) Articles academic National level topic 1, topic: “Developing a list of support items from host cities for international conferences Chiang Mai MICE” has also developed training courses. “Strategy for managing event venues International Conference” to be used for training and developing operators of international conference venues. Therefore, the TMY Unit, Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, together with TCEB, developed the TTC platform. To collect and store information on international conferences in Thailand Including increasing the ranking of countries and International convention destinations in the annual ICCA Country and City Rankings, which ranks MICE cities and Thailand. Helps increase marketing opportunities through visibility In press releases through various channels of both ICCA and mass media around the world Including increasing opportunities Business from increased reliability.

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