Media Visit Lady Alllyn Cafe & Restaurant

March 3

Local media were invited to review the Lady Alllyn Cafe & Restaurant, on the Chiang Mai-Mae On Road near Sangkhamphaeng.

Examples from the menu include: baked rice with lotus leaf 169 THB / Stir Fried Curry with Sai Bua 169 THB / Thai Royal Cuisine Spicy with fish 159 THB / Massaman Curry chicken 219 THB, Pork 229 THB, Beef 259 THB / Fish and Chips 149 THB / Pork Ribs with Spaghetti and red sauce 159 THB / Blueberry Cheesecake 109 THB / Tiramisu 99 THB / Durian Cake 129 THB – plus much more besides

Lady Alllyn Cafe & Restaurant open 9am until 9pm (coffee shop closes at 6pm) for reservations or further info 099-269-9666

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