Media Preview New Muji Store at Central Airport

November 30

Local media were invited to preview the new Muji Store at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport, opening on 1 December 2023. Special opening offers available around the store!!!. MUJI Unveils its First Flagship Store in Northern Thailand and Biggest in Thailand at Central Chiangmai Airport MUJI, a prominent international lifestyle brand from Japan, has inaugurated the grand opening of its 32nd branch — MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport — located on the first floor of Central Chiangmai Airport. This marks a significant milestone as it stands not only as the first flagship store in Northern Thailand, but also claims the title of the country’s largest store, spanning an expansive 3,000 square meters and dominating almost the entirety of the airport’s first floor. This strategic expansion cements MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport as a premier destination for those in pursuit of high-quality lifestyle products in Northern Thailand. The official opening of the store is scheduled for Friday, December 1st, 2023. MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport is set to emerge as a favored destination among Northern Thailand residents, as well as a preferred attraction for both Thai and international customers in search of diverse lifestyle products. This latest establishment sports a comprehensive line-up of MUJI’s essential offerings, boasting an impressive catalog of over 3,000 SKUs of the brand’s signature products. These include clothing, houseware and furniture, health and beauty, and stationery, each embodying the brand’s commitment to “Good Quality at an Affordable Price.” Notably, the store houses a dedicated food and coffee corner, providing an enticing selection of beverages and pastries. To add an exclusive flair, the new outlet will introduce a tempting collection of over 150 SKUs of limited Japanese sweet snacks imported from Japan, making their debut in Thailand. Additionally, exclusive to this location is a wide variety of newly-introduced services thoughtfully crafted to further enhance customers’ overall shopping experience and enrich their daily lives. The Philosophy that Defines MUJI with a Local Twist MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport is poised to offer a transformative experience for the residents of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand, allowing them to immerse themselves in the authentic philosophy and lifestyle that define MUJI. Going beyond the mere conventional retail space, this new branch aspires to become a community hub that fosters connections among people and society, contributing to the creation of a sustainable society, all through highly curated activities in collaboration with the local community. In light of this, MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport is destined to evolve into a new distinguished and prominent landmark, catering to individuals of all ages and genders. Here, visitors can seamlessly blend shopping and dining, unwinding over a cup of coffee while connecting with others, all all enveloped in the distinctive MUJI-style ambiance. The architectural design of MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport takes its inspiration from MUJI’s fundamental concept of “Simplicity and Nature.” Decorated to evoke an atmosphere of warmth and comfort within a minimalist setting, the color tones and product displays are carefully curated in line with the quintessential MUJI style. However, this visual aesthetic takes an intriguing turn as it seamlessly intertwines with the local identity, embodying the MUJI Localize concept. Through the collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, MUJI has infused the store with elements of “Traditional Lanna Northern Culture,” incorporating indigenous materials like bamboo. Noteworthy features include “Lanna Handmade Brick,” inspired by Chiang Mai’s iconic Tha Phae Gate. This design not only immerses customers in Lanna Culture, but also harmoniously merges with the brand’s enduring Japanese style. Furthermore, the store also showcases vintage pieces of timber sourced from every region of Thailand, a consistent hallmark seen across various MUJI stores in the country. The Diverse Offerings: A Crossover between Culinary and Lifestyle MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport is home to various dedicated zones, each representing a specific category of MUJI’s renowned offerings. The highly anticipated MUJI Coffee Corner, a standout feature for Chiang Mai residents, offers an extensive assortment of beverages starting at just 60 baht and Japanese-style bakeries priced from 29 baht. The highlight of this zone is the “Koppepan,” an oblong-shaped, mild-flavored bread akin to a hot dog bun, renowned for its lightness, softness, and versatility, coming in a wide variety of flavors, such as choco cream, coffee cream, strawberry and margarine, tonkatsu, all starting at an affordable 49 baht. Moreover, the zone also boasts an extensive spectrum of Japanese-style cakes and desserts, including mini tiramisu, dorayaki, milk pudding, strawberry mousse, mini cheesecake, and green tea roll, as well as ice cream cup, available in a wide range of flavors like chocolate brownie, blueberry cheesecake, wild berry, coffee, rum raisin, and many more, all priced as low as 49 baht. Seamlessly transitioning to the Garment Zone, it consolidates MUJI’s foundational and popular menswear, womenswear, and kidswear, such as ladies’ and men’s wear, homewear, MUJI walker – ladies’ and men’s workout wear, all under one comprehensive zone, reflecting the principles of simplicity, comfort, and durability. The Autumn/Winter 2023 collection is a highlight, featuring flannel, double knit, wool, and lightweight down outerwear suitable for effortless daily styling across all seasons and occasions. The zone also encompasses staple lines like MUJI Labo, a unisex wear line at affordable prices, and MUJI IDÉE, a line offering fun design across its original furniture, accessories, antiques, and clothing, as well as popular shoe, sock and bag lines, encouraging customers to enjoy mixing and matching for their everyday total look. In the neighboring Household Utensil and Furniture Zone, an incredibly extensive collection unfolds, featuring popular stationery, home décor, kitchen utensil, cleaning product, storage solution, home appliance, and many other essentials for the home. Particularly noteworthy is the MUJI to GO line, comprising selected items suitable for travel, commuting, business, study, and play. Moving on to the Health and Beauty Zone, it offers a diverse array of products, including makeup, fragrance, skincare, body care, and haircare, all derived from natural extracts and free from chemicals. Lastly, the MUJI Food Zone introduces over 100 SKUs of reasonably priced instant foods, sweets, candies, gums, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, just to name a few. Especially remarkable is the debut of MUJI Sparkling Water in Thailand, available in plain and other seven flavors, including yuzu, ume, peach, muscat, lemon, ginger, and cola lime, all priced at 39 baht. Complementing this is the exclusive launch of limited Japanese sweet snacks imported from Japan, such as potato chips, fruit jelly, and corn coated with chocolate, totaling over 150 SKUs, bringing a taste of Japan to Thailand. The Forward-Thinking Vision Unveiled: MUJI’s Sustainable Impact and Local Collaboration At the soft opening ceremony of MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport, held on November 30th, 2023, on the first floor of Central Chiangmai Airport, Mr. Akihiro Kamogari, Managing Director of MUJI Retail (Thailand) Co., Ltd., shared his valuable insights into how the latest establishment came to be, stating, “MUJI has consistently been pursuing a path of sustainability since its inception in 1980. For a span of over 40 years, our commitment has extended beyond the development of quality, environmentally-friendly products to a broader mission — building a better life and enhancing the quality of life for communities we operate our business in. Aligned with our founding vision of realizing a ‘Simple and Pleasant Life and Society,’ we’re dedicated to contributing to local issue resolution and community development together with the people. And our goal for the latest MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport branch is for it to become a community hub that collaborates with stakeholders to address local challenges, creating a positive impact in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.” According to Mr. Kamogari, “As part of this overarching endeavor, we’ve entered into partnership agreements with the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University. These agreements facilitate the exchange of intellectual resources and advance cooperative studies, ultimately contributing to the solution of social issues. And our first collaborative project is focused on local product development, centered around the concept of ‘Artisanal Arts and Crafts of Northern Culture.’ These unique products are showcased in the newly established zone named ‘Found MUJI Thailand.’ “The featured products in this zone include glulam bamboo furniture and coiled bamboo plates, collaboratively crafted with a local factory in Ban Chiang Khang community in Saraphi district, Chiang Mai province. These items draw inspiration from the traditional Chiang Mai-style coiled bamboo pedestal tray, a handicraft with a rich history spanning hundreds of years. This collaboration not only seeks to revitalize the local economy but also adds significant value to regional resources. Found MUJI Thailand is exclusively available at MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport.” Additionally, Mr. Kamogari highlighted MUJI’s active collaborations with local suppliers through various initiatives, stating, “Besides, we also actively engage with local suppliers through initiatives like ‘Community Market,’ dedicated to celebrating and showcasing local businesses and artisans. The event not only highlights the distinct offerings of the region, but also provides a platform for the local community to support and uplift one another, fostering economic growth. Another noteworthy collaboration is ‘Refill Station’ in partnership with ‘Normal Refill,’ an organic product brand. Aligned with our commitment to making sustainable consumption convenient, accessible, and affordable for everyone, this collaboration aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals and local communities. Notably, Normal Refill supports the Karen people from a small village in Kalayaniwattana district, Chiang Mai, utilizing soapberry as a primary ingredient for their products.” Looking ahead, the managing director emphasized that “MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport is positioned to continue its collaboration with local communities, businesses, and residents, actively contributing to regional development and the improvement of the quality of life for the people in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.” The Artistic Fusion Explored: MUJI’s Collaboration with CEA and TCDC Concurrently, in a strategic move to enhance its presence among Chiang Mai residents, MUJI has also entered into a collaboration with the Creative Economy Agency (CEA) and the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) during Chiang Mai Design Week 2023. As part of the “Everyday Contem” exhibition by the CEA, MUJI will present an exhibition area showcasing 10 prototypes resulting from the creative collaboration between young artists and local artisans. These prototypes draw inspiration from the profound Mingei philosophy, deeply rooted in the concept of Japanese traditional everyday objects. MUJI, renowned for seamlessly integrating practicality with subtlety and modesty, stands as the epitome of success in embodying the principles of Mingei, thus becoming an intrinsic part of people’s daily lives worldwide. The collaboration between MUJI and CEA within the “Everyday Contem” exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to delve into the philosophy that consistently shapes MUJI’s craftsmanship, exemplified through each product. Within the exhibition, participants will gain valuable insights into the MUJI Mingei philosophy through the showcase of authentic MUJI products. Furthermore, they will encounter everyday objects meticulously crafted by young artists and local artisans, embodying the MUJI Mingei philosophy and using traditional materials reflective of Northern Life. The “Everyday Contem” exhibition is scheduled to take place from December 2nd, 2023 to March 31st , 2024 at the Main Gallery of TCDC Chiang Mai. Service Innovation and Local Engagement at MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport At MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport, beyond the aforementioned product zones, there is the Service Counter, featuring the Embroidery Service. This service allows customers to personalize selected MUJI fabric items with custom embroidery, choosing from a diverse selection of over 200 available designs. Additionally, the latest store introduces the Screen-Printing Service, offering an innovative option for garment and fabric bag decorations. The service enables customers to craft their own designs on MUJI fabric items. This distinctive feature, exclusive to the new branch, allows customers to submit their own designs simply by sending images. To elevate the overall customer experience even further, MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport introduces Chiang Mai City to Go, featuring comprehensive city maps. These maps serve as valuable guides for tourists, providing insights into the “Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai” and encouraging them to share their favorite or hidden places in the city with fellow visitors. Furthermore, in a strategic partnership with Anywheel Application, MUJI now offers a bike rental service to tourists within the store premises. This collaboration aligns with MUJI’s commitment to providing holistic services that cater to the diverse needs of its customers, making the shopping experience at MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport both unique and memorable. To mark the grand opening of MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport, MUJI is delighted to present an exclusive and limited-edition offering – MUJI Jute Bags with Logo Embroidery, available at a special price of just 129 baht. Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, the Exclusive Photo Booth will be set up in-store, providing customers with the opportunity to capture every memorable moment with a distinctive frame designed exclusively for the people of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. From December 1st to 3rd, 2023, customers making a minimum purchase of 300 baht on MUJI products will enjoy a complimentary photo session at the booth. As an extra delight for customers, those making MUJI purchases totaling 1,000 baht per receipt will get a Complimentary A6-Sized MUJI Jute Bag and automatically enter a chance to win surprise gifts from Anantara Chiang Mai Serviced Suites along with much coveted MUJI items. Moreover, there will be Enticing Special Price Promotions on MUJI’s Best-Selling Items for customers to take advantage of during this celebratory period. Notably, new customers can seize the opportunity to enjoy a Complimentary E-Cash Coupon Worth 100 Baht when adding the MUJI Thailand LINE Official Account from December 1st to 11th, 2023. MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport, located on the 1st floor of Central Chiangmai Airport, opens its doors on December 1st, 2023. Stay connected and get more details by following MUJI on Facebook: MUJI Thailand; Instagram: MUJI_Thailand; and LINE @MUJIThailand. Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter at MUJI Central Chiangmai Airport! @MUJI_THAILAND #MUJI #MUJIThailand #มูจิ #MUJICHIANGMAI #MUJICENTRALCHIANGMAIAIRPORT

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