Makro Horeca ‘The Creativity’ at the International Exhibition and Convention Centre

June 21

Governor of Chiang Mai Pawin Chamniprasart attended the press conference for Makro Horeca event at Ratilanna Riverside Resort. The Makro Horeca ‘The Creativity’ will take place at the International Exhibition and Convention Centre from 7 – 9 July 2017. Open daily to the public (including non Makro customers) from 10am until 7pm. There will be plenty of activities, workshops, seminars and even a Kad Mua (Northern Thai Market). Highlights of this event include Battle of the Chefs; involving top chefs from local hotels and restaurants, plus a ‘Cook It Yourself’ where customers get to learn kitchen techniques by professionals. There will be Western, Thai, Indian, Japanese and Arab cooking classes every day. The International Exhibition and Convention Centre is located on the Canal Road near the Government Offices.

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