Mae Kha Canal Press Conference

November 18

A press conference was held at the Municipality to discuss the improvements of the Mae Kha Canal in the city. Mae Kha River or Mae Kha Canal, an important water source of Chiang Mai city that has been developed and improved according to the construction of the wastewater collection pipe system project on both sides of the canal with landscape adjustment The first phase of operation was started on Ragang Road – Pratu Kom (Waste Water Pumping Station No. 6) with a continuous development plan for the Mae Kha Canal to become veins to nourish the people of Chiang Mai again. By giving importance to water treatment along with improving the quality of life of the community, the canal is becoming a popular tourist attraction today. Chiang Mai Municipality, led by Mr. Assanee Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai, along with Mr. Naphat Prasertdee, Director of the Office of Technicians and Assoc. Chiang Mai University participated in a discussion to provide information to the media in Chiang Mai about the history of the project. Objectives for improving the Mae Kha Canal, including an overview of the development of the Mae Kha Canal that has received cooperation from all agencies in Chiang Mai and the importance of water treatment systems to improve the ecosystem of the Mae Kha Canal. It is well known as “Klong Mae Kha”. Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province, was an important canal since the Mangrai period as a river that feeds the people of Chiang Mai. It is the outer moat and is also a drain from the original “Khlong Mae Kha”, which also provided fertile land and a food source for the people of Chiang Mai. But when the prosperity and population of the city increased this caused neglect of the Mae Kha Canal including released Wastewater directly into the canal without treatment. causing polluted water problems for many decades Chiang Mai Municipality therefore proceeded with the construction of a wastewater collection pipe system on both sides of the canal with landscape adjustment, Phase 1, Ragang Road – Pratu Kom (Wastewater Pumping Station No. 6), a distance of about 750 – meters, which has received cooperation From many agencies, both government and private sectors, including the public sector, such as the design of a group of architects in the area There are experts and academics coming together to find ways to manage wastewater systems, building pipes to support wastewater to be sent for treatment at the wastewater treatment plant.

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