Loolii 3: RAW at Sang-ga-dee Space

December 10

December 9 – 13 Loolii 3: RAW at Sang-ga-dee Space (Louis Intersection – Sankhamphang area) 9am until 5pm – ‘Loolii 3: RAW’ event joins textile networks, learning centres, creative space, young designers, artists and associated communities from diverse fields – OVER FORTY WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE FROM SOME OF THE TOP ARTISANS IN CHIANG MAI. Explore our 6 activity zones, such as RAW Do – Display and Exhibition of works /RAW Talk – Discussions on a variety of topics / RAW Play – Special workshops, learning stations and all-day demonstrations /RAW Eatery – A food zone that focuses on raw materials and sustainability with workshop activities / RAW Shop – an area to shop for materials, equipment, raw materials, and products to choose from / RAW Service – A natural dye service to revive or alter your favourite pieces of clothing… https://www.facebook.com/sanggadeespace https://goo.gl/maps/GcW1fgysJ5M9V7bZA

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