Local Press Visit Somtum House Yokkrok

March 16

Local media were invited to sample the food at Somtum House Yokkrok at JJ Markets on Atsadathorn Road. Open from 10.30 until 8pm every day ( restaurant closes at 9pm) No MSG. The owner concentrates on “a healthy menu with the freshest ingredients available”. There are 37 different Somtum’s on the menu: Jaa from Citylife recommends the Tom Yam Goong, Pooh from Chiang Mai Events likes Som Tam with noodles, Lek from Compass prefers the crab salad. During March there is a 15% discount in March if you like and share, alternatively there is a membership available and you get 20% discount. For further information or reservations call 094-629-1596

Examples from the menu include:

Tum Thai (Papaya Salad) 59 THB

Tum Tom Yam (Papaya Salad in Tomyam flavor) 59 THB

Tum Pla-Raa (Papaya Salad in Pickled Fish flavor) 59 THB

Tum Naam Poo (Papaya Salad in Crab Paste flavor) 59 THB

Tum Poi – Mai (Fruit Salad) 69 THB

Tum Som-O (Pomelo Salad) 69 THB

Tum Tua Moo (Long Beans Salad with Crispy Pork) 79 THB

Tum Sua Kab – Moo Pla – Raa (Rolled Rice Noodle Salad with Kab-Moo in Pickled Fish Flavor) 79 THB

Tum Kung-Sod Prik Thai Dam (Papaya Salad with Black Pepper and Shrimp) 139 THB

much more besides…

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