Local Media Visits Nightingale Bistro & Café

July 18

Local media were invited to Nightingale Bistro & Café to inspect the new menu for “Rainy Season / Green Season”.
Examples from the menu: Fish & Chips 245 THB / Pizza Tom Yang Goong 380 THB / Kaeng Hang Le with Roti 175 THB / Crispy Stir fried noodles with fish 320 THB / Shrimp Pad Thai 165 THB / New York Cheesecake 165 THB. Drinks: Aromantic Nightingale 105 THB / Orange shots 105 THB / Lychee Espresso 105 THB All prices nett
Nightingale Bistro Café is located just off the Chiang Mai – Mae Rim Road (just past the Outer ring road) and is open 10am until 6.30pm every day, except closed on Tuesdays. For reservations or further info call 082-615-4798 nighti[email protected] https://web.facebook.com/nightingalechiangmai

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