Local Media Visits 51 Royal Thai Tea

August 5

Local media were invited to 51 Royal Thai Tea Cafe; located on the Mahidol Road, on the slip road heading west towards Central Airport / Wing41 (the soi just after the MG Showroom). 51 Royal Thai Tea is open every day from 9am until 6pm except closed Wednesdays.

Examples from the menu include Sausage omelette with rice 75 THB + shrimp 88 THB / Stir fried chicken curry with egg 75 THB or shrimp 95 THB / shrimp + pork + egg + soup 105 THB / chicken breast and peach salad 165 THB / roti 65 THB / Thai Tea 75 THB / Thai Tea almond milk 85 THB / Thai Tea with grass Jelly 95 THB and much more besides…

For further details call 081-536-6999 or https://www.facebook.com/51royalthaitea

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