Local Media visited Ging Grai Restaurant

January 18

Local Media visited Ging Grai Restaurant on Nimman Soi 11. Ging Grai is open from 11.30am until 9pm with last orders at 8.30pm.
The menu at Ging Grai expands four regions, with family recipes rarely found in other regional restaurants and the use of young grai tree leaves, a seasonable local vegetable called pak lieb in central region, pak huerd in the North, and pak hierd in Isan. The signature dishes from Isan cuisine also are unique ones like tum sua (spicy papaya salad with fermented rice noodle), gaeng om gai (spicy chicken thick soup), and larb pla tong (Chitala fish larb). Savory dishes from central region are kanom jeen sao nam (fermented rice noodle with coconut sauce), sikrong moo tod nampla (fried baby spareribs with fish sauce), and goong kratiem pad kai khem (stir-fried shrimps with garlic and salted egg). Not-easy-to-find eastern dishes like maeng krapoon nampla whan (jelly fish with sweet fish sauce), yum pla.
For examples from the menu check out https://ginggrai.com/EN/SIGNATURE%20MENUS

Also many spices and ingredients are available to purchase for those making Thai food at home.

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