Local Media Visit Yumpouma Restaurant

May 31

Local media were invited to Yumpouma restaurant in Jed Yod-Chang Khian Road (behind Wat Jet Yod temple), having recently been renovated with air conditioning.
Specialities are Som Tam and spicy salad, focusing on fresh ingredients such as shrimp, oysters, crab, fish and local products. 
Prices start from 99THB up to 699THB for a large plate shared between 4 persons

In addition to the salad menu, there is also a dessert menu to quench the intense spiciness. There’s also watermelon slushies and Thai tea slushies. Soft serve ice cream has arrived. Plus there’s mango sticky rice.

The restaurant has seating for 70 + people and is open from 10am until midnight every day.

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